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About Originhost

About Originhost

Originhost leads your online business

Originhost will guide you step by step to get you online.

You will have your domain name and take your safe place on the internet within 24 hours or less, simply do this:
- Choose your domain name
- Select a suitable host package for your plan, in less than 24 hours your website will be online with a "Coming Soon" page.
- Choose your favorite design style, if you did not decided yet what you have to choose take a look here
- Still need to know more? browse our full domain & host packages with all its features.

We are here to help 24/7/365, contact us at any time you need help.

About Originhost
About Originhost

How it works

Getting your online business is much easier than you think! With a 24/7 real support staff, 100% uptime servers and stellar website design, your website will easily reflects your good business.
No hidden fees. You will pay fees to get your domain and build your website exactly as it mentioned in our packages. All static designs are free and included with each package, there are no surprises.
If your business requires to frequently change your website contents so you need to build it with CMS (Contents Management System)
Because we know that your website is most effective if it is kept up-to-date, we provide you a friendly Dynamic Website Design that simplifies job for you to add, edit and remove any content.
You will be able to add and edit contents without technical knowledge through our structured CMS..

Four easy steps to have your own domain