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Choose a good domain

Choosing the right name is very important, because it is your gateway to the world
Your site will be similar to www.goal.com
Your e-mail is similar to info@goal.com

Check Domain Availability

How to search for a domain name

First you need to choose the domain extension (.com, .org, .net etc... This will be important from your online business, so make sure you choose a name that reflects the image you want to create. Keep in your mind that there are other options like .clup, .design, .travel
Then you have to choose the name you want.

Domain Name Search

How to find a good domain name

When you choose your domain name, it is recommended to be short, easy to remember and reflects your business type.

Domain Name Search

How to start by choosing a good name

There are some tips to look for a Domain Name:

Short And Easy

Choose an easy remember name


To make a brand, make sure that your brand name is available or closer as much as possible on the major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Trademark Names

If your company has a trademark and it is not available, try another way, e.g. add DASH (-) between words. If you do not find a .com extension, you can search for another extension.


Do not choose complex words that may confuse your customers.

Reflects your business type

Try to adopt names that are close to the work or product you offer, add words like: shopping, fashion, foods ...etc

Is It Memorable?

Domain Name Search
Domain Name Search
Domain Name Search

Ask someone

Ask your friends or potential customers after choosing your domain name:

  • Do you remember?
  • Ask them to rewrite the name.
  • Ask them to spell the name.
  • What they understood from the name?